Our CAA-approved instructors can take you on one of our Air Experience Flights, giving you the opportunity to see the world from above. If microlight flying is for you, we can train you in your choice of fixed or flex-wing aircraft in order to achieve your National Private Pilots Licence. We also offer advanced training for existing pilots in all aspects of flying from Aircraft Preparation to Navigation.

Our aim at Attitude is to promote safe, affordable training in an active and friendly environment.

Meet the Team

James Walker
Since learning to fly gliders with the Air Training Corps at the age of 16, James was bitten by the aviation bug. Gaining his NPPL at 21, James served his early career under the wing of Dave Lord at Wanafly Airsports. A Flight Instructor (R) rating was gained and put to good use at the age of 23. Now back where it all started at Rossall Airfield, James offers tuition of both Fixed and Flex wing microlights as well as ground school courses for new or existing pilots.

Hazel Walker
Hazel is the backbone of the operation here at Attitude, from arranging your Air Experience Flight to waving you goodbye at the end of a long flying day. Involved in flying from a young age (long before James), Hazel still enjoys taking to the sky in the Flex wing.

What is a Microlight aircraft?

A microlight aircraft is a category of aeroplane which by definition:
Has a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 450kg.
Has a stalling speed at the maximum weight authorised not exceeding 35 knots calibrated airspeed.
Can carry a maximum of 2 persons.

The advantages of this formula over conventional aircraft are many and include:

Economy of operation and purchase
Easily transportable – some types can be rigged and ready to fly in under 30 minutes
They can be flown safely from small fields
Maintenance is simple and can be done by the owner – subject to certain conditions

There are two general types of microlight aircraft:


The flexwing (also known as a weight-shift or trike) has a wing reminiscent of a hang-glider with a trike unit containing the engine, seats and landing gear suspended below. Flexwings are the most numerous kind of microlight. They are traditionally at the lower end of the price scale, can be towed on a simple trailer and stored in a normal garage.

Attiude operate the high performance Quik 912s The Quik is one of the latest breed of high-performance touring microlights, capable of 85mph cruise speeds and long-distance touring flights using its 100Hp Rotax 912S engine.

Fixed Wing

The fixed wing (also known as a three axis) microlight resembles a conventional light aeroplane in both looks and control systems. They tend to be more expensive and bulky to store than their flexwing counterparts, but are not as weather restricted and have the option of closed cockpit. Also a licence gained on a fixed wing microlight can be cross-credited towards the grant of other aviation licences.

Attitude operate a high performance, factory built EuroFox. With the Rotax 912s developing 100Hp, the EuroFox is an incredibly capable aircraft offering a comfortable cruise of 100kts.