Flight Experience Gift Vouchers


“I wonder what it’s like to be a pilot?”

Have you ever glimpsed inside the flight deck of the airliner as you are about to go on holiday and thought that?

Perhaps Google Earth doesn’t give you the best aerial view of your house and you could do better if only you could position yourself at that perfect angle overhead…

Or maybe you simply like a good fairground ride and have read that microlights, although non-aerobatic in the UK, can do some pretty cool moves?

At Attitude Airsports we offer fantastic experience flights that can cover any or all of the above scenario’s and more, and give you that view out the front that you never get on an airliner – even if you pick the window seat. With our qualified and experienced instructors almost anyone can experience the joy of flight and get that “first flight grin” photo. We can tailor each flight to the individuals requirements whether that’s a sight-seeing trip with minimal “hands on”, a photographic mission or an all-in first lesson with maximum time on the controls and more.

Gift vouchers for flights in either a fixed wing or flexwing microlight (don’t worry we are happy to explain the difference if you are unsure) can be purchased at the bottom of this page and make a great surprise gift for birthday, Christmas and anniversary presents. Upon purchase you will be sent an electronic voucher that you can print off and redeem on the day of your flight. And if you’re not sure which aircraft type you’d like to fly in, then give us a call and we will be happy help you make that perfect choice.

Our vouchers have not only made fantastic birthday or Christmas presents, they have also kick started brand new hobbies and even careers in flying. Our vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be transferred to other people should the recipient be unable to take the flight, however they are not refundable. Once purchased, just give us a call to arrange your flight booking.


Read on to see what you can expect from one of our flight choices below…

30 Minutes – £80

After a short briefing your instructor will pilot the aircraft, taking off and then showing you the basic controls. You will then be invited to try flying it for yourself, for as long as you feel comfortable. This flight is a great introduction to the world of flight and an opportunity to view the local area from a new perspective as well as being a great value way to experience what it’s like to fly. This flight experience is perfect for a birthday or Christmas present that is just that bit special. If you are just wanting to dip your toe into the world of flight then this is the one for you!

60 Minutes – £140

Being a longer flight, you will have more time to sit back, relax and experience the view from above, sometimes called the aerospace effect, it really can change your perspective of the world below. Naturally you’ll be able to take some photographs of the beautiful scenery passing beneath you, and, with time to go further afield you will get the chance to experience the landscape of the Morecambe Bay area and beyond. You will also have more time to fly the aircraft yourself. After some tuition in some of the basic flight manoeuvres from your instructor you will even find out why we increase throttle to go up, not simply pull back on the control stick like they do in the films! Ideal for those with a special interest in aviation. We highly recommend a trip up to the Lake District during this flight!

90 Minutes – £190

With 90 minutes of flight time you will have the chance to go even further afield and practice more at the controls. Or, if you choose the Flex wing Aircraft, as a “two in one” experience you will start off in the back seat, to get the feel of being up there in a Flex Wing type aircraft while the instructor shows you the basic controls and how they differ from a conventional aeroplane. The instructor will then land the aircraft where you will change seats and fly the remainder of the flight from the front seat, putting into practice what you have learnt on the first part of the flight – a great combination of fun flying and a beginner level lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Flight Vouchers…

How long are the flight vouchers valid for?

Your voucher is valid for a full 12 months from date of purchase.

What if the weather is bad on my flight day?

Don’t worry, we all know the weather in England can be unpredictable at times therefore, we can re-book your flight if the weather turns bad, even if your voucher has expired it will remain valid if postponed due to bad weather.

We bought for a birthday present but he does not want to fly. Now what?

“It can be that you are buying for a friend or relative to celebrate a special occasion, but you are worried they may not think it is right for them” Do not worry, we offer a full 30 day no quibble money back guarantee with all voucher purchases. So, if you get in touch within 30 days to cancel, you will be offered a full refund. The vouchers are also transferable.

What is the maximum and minimum age limit for a flight?

The minimum age for any air experience flight is 14 years – there is no maximum age. Providing a person is reasonably agile, they can fly!

What is the maximum weight of a passenger in your aircrafts?

The maximum weight is 16½ stones or about 100 kilos. We also have to be able to fasten the seat belt! If in doubt, please give us a call before purchase.

Are you fully insured?

YES. As a fully certified flying school operating with fully certified instructors, we carry full indemnity insurances.

I still have a couple of questions not answered here?

In this case, give us a call and we will be able to help out with any concerns you may have. Please note: we could be instructing when you call and maybe unable to answer the phone, so please call back or leave a message.