School Aircraft

Flying tuition per flying hour £120
Solo Supervision per flying hour £120
10 Hour Block Booking £1100
1 Hr Air Experience Flight £120
½ Hr Air Experience Flight £75

Own Aircraft

Flying tuition per flying hour £90
Solo Supervision per flying hour £45

Booking Lessons

Each flying lesson is booked as a two-hour slot that allows for one hour flying and time for briefing / debriefing etc. In order to get the required day and time, it is best to book as far in advance as possible – especially for intense courses. Weekends tend to book up further in advance to weekdays. Sometimes there are cancellations so it is often worth a last minute phone call to check if we can accept your booking.

In order to be fair to everyone the slots are for specific times. If for instance the weather is unsuitable for your slot then we will endeavour to find you another slot if possible but you may not get to fly. It is worth a call to check on the weather or any aircraft unserviceability on the day of your booking. If the weather is unsuitable then you may take your allocated slot as ground-school instead.

We ask that if for some reason you have to cancel that you let us know as soon as possible in order that someone may take over your slot. Failure to turn up without cancelling may result in you being charged a cancelation fee We ask you also to arrive at least 15 minutes before your booking in order to wind down and mentally prepare for the lesson. Arriving late may result in your lesson having to be shortened.